Expert Training: 4 Step Effective Pet Management

Our 4-step training program is a systematic, customizable, and gentle approach. Our training methods, practiced by our trusted team of professionals, ensure the best possible results with cats and dogs of any breed, age, or size.

4 stepsEvaluate

We get to know each pet by observing their natural behaviors and interacting closely with them in order to learn key character traits and temperament aspects that will contribute to the success of their learning process.

4 stepsAdjust

Every pet has a favorite distraction – a squirrel, a favorite toy – that they will disregard the rules for. We identify this stimulus and adjust the pets Computer Collar® to find the perfect setting that gently and safely encourages them to disregard the stimulus – so your pet chooses the applicable setting.

4 stepsPractice

Once we have found the perfect Computer Collar® setting, we apply appropriate training techniques suited to the pet’s learning process and use boundary indications to help the pet learn the safe area. These approaches teach pets the locations of invisible boundaries and the behaviors expected of them.

4 stepsAffirm

As soon as the pet indicates that it recognizes designated boundaries and understands expected behaviors, we remove all boundary indicators, and affirm that training was successful. We then reinforce the pets new knowledge of boundaries and good behaviors with positive reinforcement.

The key, as I see it, is the combination of training with technology. You must have that right combination for a system such as this to work…. I am convinced that Invisible Fence Brand is superior to anything else on the market. The professionalism of the Dealers, certified training protocols and superior technology give the owners the peace of mind and their pets effective and safe containment.

– Dr. Peter Eeg, DVM

Dr. Eeg is owner and director of Maryland-based Poolesville Veterinary Clinic and lecturer on topics such as human-animal bonds and animal behavior.